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When asked about the difference in experience between Jara and himself Zach simply said " Anyone can be beaten on any given day especially by someone who trains as hard as I do, This is the biggest fight of my life, I want this fight because I dont see any negative in doing so. I want to test myself against an established champion and legend of the sport. Whats wrong with that? Since I took the fight everyones had their opinion. It doesnt bother me, their entitled to it. I never really thought the fight would gather this much attention.


"I see this fight as the biggest challenge ive ever faced,exciting,technical, something definitely worth watching, and ending in my favor. I want to thank Jaime and Cal worsham for the oppurtunity


"All of the haters out there are my motivation. "I never said I was the best, Im just the one willing to fight the best."



ground, thats what he does best, although his striking has improved tremoundously the fasted way for Jaime to take out Zach would be his submissions. What most dont know is that Jara has been training with a brace on his arm and has not been able to get full strength out of it just yet, Mike Rumsey says" Jaime is at about 50% right now, Zach knows Jaime and has trained with him, he knows Jaime pretty well, should be a very interesting fight"

The Dr told Jaime he should allow 4-6 months healing time before he could go back to normal activities, and normal activities to the average person doesnt mean spending 10 hours a day in the gym sparring and grappling,

Jaime did say he respects for Zach for stepping up to take the fight, "Its been frustrating over the past few years always wondering if opponents will show up. I have trouble finding opponents. So when zach asked for this fight. I'll make it happen. I fight who they put in front of me its as simple as that"

"I'm gonna use this fight Dec. 12th to get back into my rythym and jump start me into the new year. I'm going on a killing Spree"

Gladiator Challenge contacted approx 15 fighters and offered them a fight with Jara injured and all but for some reason the promotion could not get anyone to accept the fight some sited the money was not enough, some said he was to experienced, some where injured theirselves but for whatever reason Zach now has the spotlight on him just as he always wanted.

Returning to Red Hawk Casino must be a great feeling, tell us a little about whats in store on December 12th?

"Dec. 12th has been mandated as a end of the year blowout show for the fans, by Tedd Williams. So, what we have instore, is 20 fights, with such fighters as( Jaime Jara,Shawn Smith,Drew Montgomery,Poppies Martinez,A.J. Fonseca and many more) coupled with our lowest ticket prices ever !!!!


Jaime Jara is coming off surgery only about 12 weeks out on the day of the show, why is he coming back so soon?

Well, only Jaime can answer that factually. But, if you want my opinion it’s because Jaime’ a fighter and that’s what fighter’s do !! Besides, a little extra cash right before X-Mas does’nt bother Jaime or the rest of the fighters either.  

Having trained and managed Jaime in the past you know first hand how hard it has been over the yrs to find Jaime fights, now as a match maker/ promoter of the organization he is fighting for can u tell us how frustrating it has it been for you to find Jaime fights?

was able to sit down with UFC vet Cal Worsham who is now the match maker for Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge promotion and got his take on the upcoming event "Chain Reaction" and his thoughts on Zach Burelson and Jaime Jara

It’s tough, but luckily there are still fighters out there, like David Hornyak, Rafael Del Real that realize you get to fight the man and not his record or reputation and that in this sport, anything can happen. And that it’s a Honor and an opportunity to fight the likes of a Jaime Jara, because just what if ???

There has been talk that this fight between Jaime and Zach should not be allowed to happen due to the difference in experience they both have, what message do you have for those that seem to be bothered by it?

First off, this is’nt Zach’ first fight of his life, it’s his first Pro fight. Secondly, Zach know’s Jaime, he’s trained with him and sparred with him and believes thru that, he’s found chink’s in Jaime’ armour and he plans on exposing them. Here’s just one example of hundreds in this sport, Steve Eldridge 0-1 flies in from Arizona as a last minute replacement to fight Robert Sarkozi 9-7 , who has just flown in from Hungary, to fight for the 185lb Title. Ofcourse everyone but Steve and his trainers were saying he’s being sent to slaughter, but before the first round was complete, Steve had knocked out Robert and was crowned the 185lb Champ. In this sport anyone can be beat on any day and there has not been one fighter critically injured or killed in the history of Gladiator Challenge, more prominent promotions cannot make the same claim.




"Bad" Brad Mcdonald (3-0)  a 16yr old phenom out of  Oakdale Ca, represents Last Stand fight team,  made his professional debut on 11.02.2008 for Gladiator Challenge in Porterville Ca at Eagle Mountain casino, winning by Triangle Choke over Rob Witlock ( 0-2) in under two minutes. Since than he has gone on to win two more fights in 2009 most recently at Red Hawk Casino with a win over a very tough Alex Gonzales who was undefeated at the time.  Brad is set to take on Tommy Taylor on December 12th 2009 at RedHawk casino
 Brad has shown the heart and determination to do what is neccessary to prepare him for that next level,  he is willing to take on all comers and wants to show that he is the best in his weight class, although he and his trainer "Tom Theofanopoulos" both agree that Brad needs to take his time and not get to ahead of himself, Brad wants to "shock the world". Tom says he loves his heart but wants Brad to get more experience before he jumps to the elite fighters in his division.  
When I set out to interview Brad, I asked him a bunch of boring questions his responses were much more interesting, so I thought what better way to interview Brad than to let him speak his mind. Enjoy... 


My name is Bad Brad Mcdonald im 16 years old with a pro record of 3-0 with 3 submissions.Im currently the youngest fighter to step in the cage(15 years old) .I am a muay thai and jui jitsu fighter.I live in modesto california where i have was born and raised.I Train at the last stand fight team in oakdale ca,
I see myself challenging for the title when I take out everybody in my division and they dont have no one else to give me.
I have found a home with Gladiator Challenge, I love fighting there.
My goals are to perform to my highest abilities, and be on top of my game every fight. If i can do that then i dont see anyone beating right now.
What goes thru my mind before a fight is i have to take this guy out! and i make sure when im training that everyday i work my hardest so when i go in there i know that this guy didnt work harder than me for this. and i take alot of sacrafices becuase this is my life. This is all i have and all i want.
My two brothers Mike "Mayday" McDonald and Justin "Bushido Kid" Smitley, have had alot of sucess in their carreers. They have made it real easy for me to get in there and perform at my best. and they are super strict on me when it comes down to buisness(fighting). and this is not a game, this is life or death to me. Quiting is not tolerated in my family or at the Last Stand Fight Team. I am a warrior and fighting is my life and i take it very serious. This adds no pressure to me what so ever, cuz most guys that step in there, this isnt there life, they might be doing it for fun or the money. Thats one thing i have on most everybody i fight, This is my life,try and take it from il take you out.
My favorite stlye to fight is definatley a stand up fighter. I love to stand up and bang and put on a good show to who ever is watching.
On behalf of Hit Boy, Gladiator Challenge and Fighting Unlimited News, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the young Bad Brad Mcdonald



Courtesy of MMAKO.TV
Story by Hit Boy

Super heavyweight Ross "The Grizzly" Clifton has passed away from an apparent heart attack. He was 32 years old. When I heard the news my heart dropped, my kids started to cry, I sat in my backyard with my dogs for about an hour just thinking about all the special moments the Grizz and I shared. Aside from knowing him as a proud Champion, I knew him as a soft hearted, loyal friend. He was always there when I needed him, he kept my spirits high when I was at the lowest in my MMA career, we had always talked about traveling together to fight overseas, I knew him as a great philosopher, he was very intellectual and not to mention he had a great sense of humor. But most importantly he was a man that loved his wife, his kids, and his dogs. Many people will remember him in their own special way, I will remember him for that famous smile of his.

Those that did not know him the way his closest friends did, will remember him as a fearless Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, someone that would fight anyone at a drop of a dime. The Grizz started his MMA career close to 8 yrs ago to this day, Sept 9, 2001 Colusa Casino.
2001 against Pride veteran Amir Rahnavardi Although he lost his debut, he was destined to be a champion. The Grizz was a fan favorite from the start, he gained instant notoriety for being this young kid who stood 6"8 360 pounds and was very agile for his size, I had the opportunity to witness many of his fights and I was amazed to see someone of his size throw leg kicks the way he did, not to mention the speed and accuracy his punches packed, his opponents were definitely in a fight when they stepped into that cage. The Grizz could always be spotted at the shows proudly wearing Worsham Team X Hockey Jerseys, that was one thing he was proud of, being a part of that special era of Cal Worsham, Jaime Jara, James Fanshier,Mike Rumsey and co. Frank Fernandez was also a huge part of Team X and a very special friend to the Grizz.
I could go on and on and tell many stories but I thought I would do it a little different this time and let those that were close to him tell how they remembered Ross Clifton " The Grizz".

" I always remembered Grizz walking around with the GC belt no matter where he went. I seen that belt and I knew the Grizz was in the house" -Jaime Jara-

"He was the funniest guy I ever met" -Mike Rumsey-

"I will always remember the stare down between the Grizz and Shamrock" -Chris Ronquillo-

"The Grizz was a gentle giant, very humble and likeable guy" -Jeff Gallion-

"The Grizz was a cool ass dude, a big teddy bear. He was a good person and a solid friend, he will be missed, much love"

-Dave Huckaba-

"The Grizz's heart was bigger than he was, I am deeply sadend" -Chris David-

On Behalf of Gladiator Challenge, Ted Williams and Family we would like to offer our condolences to Ross Cliftons wife and kids, mom and dad and family, This is a deep and tragic loss, The Grizz was an intrical part of the G.C family. The silver linning here is what Ross gave and left us throughout his extensive MMA career, it is almost fitting that his career went full circle, it is was on July 31st that he last fought to defend his title at Colusa Casino, right were his career began. It was almost two weeks ago that the Grizz came up to me in Konocti, gave me a big smile and asked for a rematch. Ross had every intention on coming back and earning back what was his. The Grizz fought many times on short notice. He will always be remembered for his ethics and integrity. He will be missed deeply"

"Cal Worsham"

Ross Clifton was raised in Rancho Cordova is survived by his wife and kids mother and father, Ross Clifton was the former Gladiator Challenge Super Heavyweight Champion. His most notable fight was against UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock. He ran his own gym called the Grizzly's Den and was also training with No Limit. 


TOE-2-TOE WITH Roy "The Hit Boy" Arriola

Jaime "El Cu Cui" Jara, 21 - 7 - 0 (1 NC), one of the most feared fighters in mixed martial arts today. Jamie is the only fighter in MMA history to have held world titles in 4 different weight classes,  Heavy weight, Light Heavyweight, Middle Weight and Welter weight under the Gladiator Challenge banner. Jamie is also the current Pure Combat Middle weight champion.

Jaime Jara is a veteran fighter and has fought for Elite XC, Gladiagor Challenge, King of the Cage, Pure Combat, Warriors cage, Rebel fighter and the Palace Fighting Championship. Jaime has most recently been aquired by Strike Force who bought out Elite  XC. Jaime has notable wins over  Steve Heath   Givanildo Santana   Jeremiah Metcalf and most recently won a hard fought battle against BJ Lacy  in Jan, 09.

On May 8, 2009 in Lemoore Ca, Jaime went toe to toe with the former W.E.C Light Heavyweight Champion Doug  "Rhino"  Marshall 10 - 3 - 0 at PFC 13 "Validation". The name of the event appears to be fitting due to the recent outrage the split decision has created, fans from all over are crashing the PFC forum boards demanding for a reversal of the decision which went the Rhinos way, This fight or I should say decision has captured the MMA world by storm not for the fight itself but for the judging, referring and by the actions of the Rhino in and out fo the ring. The  fans are angry and are expressing their displeasure with the PFC.

When I contacted Jaime for the interview  the first question I had for him was, "what message do you have for the PFC?"  " My message for the PFC: "I knew going into that fight I wasn't going to get a fair chance. But I never realized it was going to be to that extreme. The fans even the employees of the PFC knew I won that fight. I know that the fight will not get over turned but I think the least the PFC could do is step up and pay me the fight purse I was robbed of!"

"I dont blame Doug, Its Herb Deans job to enforce the rules. I asked Herb numerous times during the fight and in between rounds to do something. Herb warned Doug 8 times, yet never took a point. Doug held the ropes atleast 16 times during that fight stopping several take downs.

im still fuming over that, I dont know if you seen, but me and Herb were arguing in between rounds because he refused to penalize Doug,!  All im asking from Doug is a FAIR FIGHT both of us can be proud of."

When I contacted  PFC match maker Richard Goodman regarding Jaimes stance on being compensated for the purse he was " robbed of"  he had this to say.

" Never leave it in the judges hands, no organization in the world pays anybody who lost but felt they won the fight. If thats the case tell Jaime he owes Kasey Uscola money for their fight in Sacramento which was his hometown fight, which I feel he lost but got the decision. Fighters are already paid more by us then any other organization, its unfortunate how people dont appreciate the PFC, take us away and you have lots of fighters struggling. The PFC is an excellent organization, but like all other major organizations there will always be controversies

Jaime does not seem to see eye to eye with Richard , "The Kasey Uscola fight was a failry refed fight, the difference here is the Rhino grabbed the ropes and avoided takedowns by cheating, Herb warned him 8 times. Richard is diggin big time, ask Richard what he told me after the the fight, ask Richard what he told my cornmen after the fight? Richard told me I won that fight!" It all comes down to me not signing that contract, thats the real reason I lost that fight!." 

Note: When I attempted to contact Richard Goodman regarding Jaimes claim I was not able to reach him by phone.

Richard says he would definetly consider a rematch, "It would have been more possible if Jaime had accepted a contract extension before this bout but unfortunatly he chose to stay unsigned." When asked if the PFC would allow the Rhino to fight Jaime in another organization his reply was simply " Nope" 

The PFC has been around just a little over two years now, talent pouring in from all over, but the fight everyone wants to see is Jaime "El Cu Cui" Jara and Doug "The Rhino" Marshall. will it happen? That is the question, will Jaime get his redemtion? This remains to be seen.

We want to thank Jaime Jara and PFC match maker Richard Goodman for taking the time to honestly give us their thoughts. In the end wsih the best for everyone involved.   



Toe to Toe with the "Hit Boy" 

"Raw toughness, endless tenacity






If you live in the valley and hear the name "Mike Martinez"  you cant deny the raw toughness that is packed up in the 6'2 185lb frame. Mike Martinez otherwise known as "Just Mike" or what I prefer to call him " The Young Jedi"  is just a mere 24yrs old, originally from RidgeCrest,Ca. "The Young Jedi" just happens to be the  #6  ranked Middle weight under the PFC banner,  with only 1. Leopoldo Serao,2. Phil Collins,3. Doug Marshall,4. Jaime Jara,5. George Lockhart being ranked ahead of him.
The Palace Fighting Championship is becoming one of the elite organizations recognized world wide. With fighters from all over the world coming into to give the fans in the valley a taste of true Mixed martial arts at its best.
When I finally caught up with " The Young Jedi" he was up in Vegas training at "One Kicks gym". Staying in shape just in case he gets that last minute call. The Young Jedi is more so known  for his ground skills and not so much his stand up. But ask those that have squared off with him, they will tell a different tale. Martinez has demonstrated the diversity in his all around game and has shown he has the explosiveness to take an opponent down at will.  

"I'd like to fight Jimmy Dexter just cuz he's a rough tough cat with respect and a good rep... Kenny Ento would be a great fight cuz we would stand n trade til someone goes down, I love that guy...Phil Collins and Leopaldo Serao would be fun if I got my 8 week camp.
What people don't know about "The Young Jedi" is that he works 65 hours a week ." I still train 3-4 hours a day on top of that!!" My day starts at 4am, I drive 45 minutes to work, bust my ass for 10 hours than go straight to Samurai Dojo, I train for 2 hours there than drive 45 minutes home, I run lift weights than go train with Team Ochoa, im done with that around 9pm, I take my shower, kiss my son good night and do it all over again the next day."
 "I'm just lookin for a home, an organization that doesn't need a pretty boy boring fuckin wrestler but a kid that'll lay it all out there and cause a scene to do it. So any promoter reading this holla at ya boy I'm ready!"

For almost a year now Franco Burcina " Napalm" and "Just Mike" have exchanged Jabs on and off the PFC forum, building an anticipation that most are itching to see.
"Franco haha he's a key board warrior he'll never have a chance to fight me he needs to get off Nate L'oughras' balls and beat up a few guys before he tries fighting me!!"
"He was running his mouth publicly so I hit him up privately to fight me in Tulare for Al Joslins' Pure Combat show and all of a sudden he's hurt?, his dog died, and he had the sniffles, I got bigger fish to fry Franco,My message to him is don't get it twisted homeboy cuz I'll smash you for free on the street son!!"

The Young Jedi's only losses have come when he has taken fights on short notice. "When I have a training camp I'm a force at 170,185, or 205, I've finally got a strength coach, nutritionist and a conditioning coach so look out!!"

How does it feel to have come so close to where Phil Collins is right now, chances are if you won that fight you most likely would have gotten a shot at Ento a win there would put you right where he is. Fighting for the World title? "When I took that fight with Phil Collins it was the day before the fight, I was on pure adrenalin for that fight" I would love to take that fight again and avenge my loss,Phil is a good fighter, not great, He's crafty and skilled no doubt,  I fought him back when I didn't know much of anything, I've come a looooooong way since March of 2008. The time will come when him and I will meet again.
Whatever is next for The Young Jedi, we here at will be watching in anticipation.



After spending 30 seconds with the Dark Lotus, you begin to realize he is like no other, when you watch him fight you must admit he is like no other. Christopher David aka  "Dark Lotus" "King Tut" "Christophilosopher" is the current Pure Combat Bantamweight champion of the world. "CDavid" is 12-7-2 (3TKO, 2KO, 3SUB, 3DEC), He is "UNDEFEATED" in a ring including his 8 Pro MMA fights on forien soil like Japan and Mexico.
When you think of the Dark Lotus you cant imagine a fighter of his caliber to have many weaknesses, if you ask him, he notes his weaknesses as " the lack of mere brute strength,  A tendency to stay in the pocket, hit less specific targets (ex. aiming for the face instead of the chin or body instead of liver, etc.) have always been too compassionate to snap my opponents joints/ligaments/appendages, always trying to finish my opponent / no care for the scorecard or pleasing the judges."
His is not modest about his strengths either, " well versed in striking and shooting and clinch in Orthidox and South Paw/always evolving, inovated and composed when under pressure,diverse style developed by many top fighters in the world, always initiating the fight and pushing the pace, impressive cardio, flexibility, speed, mat strength, balance, coordination, excellent chin never knocked out." 
CDavid  is always training and is in sight of his fighting shape, so he doesnt need much notice when called to fight. "A month would be nice". "I have never had more than 3 weeks to train for a fight in my career and I have fought on 3-10days notice a number of times."
 "My only losses at 135 have been to WEC fighters with wins in the WEC. (Scott Jorgenson, Jesse Moreng, Ian Mccall) Everyone of those fights, every fight I loss, has been close and the fight of the night or one of the top fights. For instance, take a look at this fight I lost against 155lb Affliction fighter and ICON Champion Bao Quach:  
CDavid has some simple goals for his career, "  Fight in the WEC, Strikeforce, Affliction, Dream ,Get Sponsored and Take Title Belts from any/every pussy ass small show there is!"  World Champion ( whichc he has already claimed) To never be finished,   Develop recognizable style, Make bookoo bucks, Gain fame, so when I retire I can commentate, instruct, promote, manage "And make babies ."
Some things not many people know is that Christopher David has always been book smart,  he graduated High School with a 4.0 GPA, graduated Sac State with a 3.5 GPA,- BA Philosophy -Concentration in Logic and Science, Minor in Japanese, AA Liberal Arts, AA General Studies,- Studied Abroad 1 Year at Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) 4.0 GPA -speaks Japanese well, - World Traveler - lived in, visited, back-packed and/or trained in - Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, India, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Russia  Taiwan,  USA Traveler - lived in, visited, went through and/or trained in - all 50 states. 


When I approached "CDavid" for an interview, he jumped at the opportunity to get his voice heard, he has so much on his mind and so much to say. So what better way to get his story out than to let him tell us in his own words?

My message to the MMA WORLD!!
My name is Chris David. I remain UNFINISHED in over 20 pro fights. Of just my last THREE fights while going undefeated for the entirety of the YEAR 2008, I gave 145lb. fighter Georgi Karakhanyan(11-1-1) his only defeat, even to this day, then retired NCAA All-American Wrestler Joey Bareng from his career in MMA and then beat David Granados for the Pure Combat Title having all judges score 50-45 in my favor. I've gone the 25 minute distance a champion need be capable of doing and so few have even had the opportunity for such a test. With the vast majority of my fights having been at weight classes higher than my desired weight class of 135lb. and virtually only competing away from my Hometown, State, Country and even Continent, where I have lived and traveled far and deep. I am further improving with everyday and will do so for quite some time forward. Nevertheless, there is nothing for me outside of fighting in the WEC. I expect to be overlooked considering that I am non sponsored and have never sold a single ticket to an event or promoted myself in anyway. My job has always been to perform and my reward is having my presence felt right thereof. I've never had a manager, so I have had the tendency to take fights on as little as a few day's notice against fighters who were expected to beat me, which would upset my ticket-selling opponent's hometown fans on so many separate occasions. I have been a modest MMA fighter for over 6 years, before that a dedicated wrestler through college which had followed extensive martial arts training which has never stopped being a part of my daily regime for all my life. This only touches on the things that make me who I am. I am confident that once you look a little closer, whether from doubt or interest, you will become intrigued beyond any of these minor details illustrate herein. So, it is  Modesty to Honesty; that's the way it had to be. 


We here at wish the "DARK LOTUS" much success.


Current World Bantamweight Ranking = #33



Phil The Pain Collins always so calm cool and collective, never afraid to speak his mind and tell you how its is. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Phil and pick at his brain a little before his big fight May 8th 2009.
Merced, Calif.’s Phil Collins (7-4) is set to fight for the Palace fighting championships Middleweight Vacant world  title against
Oakland, Calif.’s Leopoldo Serao (15-7) 


When I asked Phil about his past fights and if they have prepared him for this day, he replied "Not really, everyone that beat me got lucky, if I were to fight any of those guys again there would be a different outcome. No one has  ever man handled me or beat me up. The only way for Leopoldo to beat me is to get lucky! I am going to slug it out, he better get lucky and tap me out, its not going to be as easy as he thinks it is."

I asked Phil if he would rather be fighting Jamie Jara or the Doug Marshall for this world title, and without hesitation Phil said " Leopoldo did me a favor by beating Jara, Jara is the cream of the crop, I feel Jamie is the best Middle weight out there, Leopoldo just made it easier for me. Leopoldo has fought in some big shows and has some impressive names on his record, he beat the best and desrves to fight for the title. but he better be ready!" as for the Rhino, I cant consider him a part of this weight class until he has fought @ 185.

Phil appears to be ready and focused for this fight, aside from his recent split with The Last Stand fight team, Phil says he is the only one that steps in the ring and cant allow himself to be distracted, he has a great deal of respect for his old team mates and says he "loves everyone over there "( at Last Stand fight team) he is just getting tired of all the questions, he says he is over it and just wants to move on. " Its just getting a little personal with all the "he said" "she said stuff", I dont want to hear about it anymore".

"I am really excited to be with Team Stockton and Phil Torres, they have welcomed me with open arms, it feels like family over here, they push me harder than anyone has ever pushed me before."

When asked if he was content on being a local stand out and if he ever wondered how much more exposure he could get by fighting overseas or out of state he says he is content with were his career has lead him, " Hey I got mouths to feed, If the money is right I will fight anywhere, It dont make sense to fight in Japan for a $1,000.  If the WEC, or UFC knocks on the door that would be great, but the money has to be right, and right now the PFC is paying me pretty well. I am a part of a legit organization and I am happy." I enjoy spending more time with my family, I get to be home more with the kids and my wife loves me being "Mr. Mom". Plus it beats working 8-5.

Message for Leopoldo, " You better be ready, you better tap me or your in trouble"!!

In closing, Phil would like to thank his sponsors,

Thugg Fight Wear

5150 street wear



Ralph Parga ( my boxing coach)

Team Stockton

Phil Torres

Manny and Tony

Guys from Merced MMA( before the split they really got me ready, I love them for that)

Last but not least ( thanks for all the interviews and videos)

I must say that I have never seen Phil so calm, its like the calm before the storm, knowing Phil over the past 4 years,  Phil has risen to the occasion and has overcome  every obstacle that has been placed in front of him, it always seems that every fight Phil has been presented were never in his favor and yet he took them and won, and smiled all the way to the bank.This fight will be no different, Phil is taking on a very tough opponent with alot of experience and some great BJJ, Phil will have his hands full, but in the end He will prove why he deserves to wear that belt around his waist.

"And New Middle weight Champion of the world!! Phil the Pain Collins!!!!!"








One behalf of Hit Boy and Fighting unlimited news we want to thank Cal Worsham, Tedd Williams, Jaime Jara, Zach Burelson and Mike Rumsey for taking time with us. This is definitley an event that should not be missed. 



Zach Burelson an unknown fighter to 99.9% of the MMA community has accepted a fight against someone that most consider pound for pound the best fighter of his era, 5 x Champion"Jaime El Cucui Jara" 24-7

December 12th 2009 RedHawk casino these two will face off to what seems to be the most anticipated fight of the night, all eyes will be on Zach Burelson some will be hoping he can "Shock the world", others hoping he will fail so they can say " I told you so". Either way Zach will have something that not many people can say. " I fought my idol, I am living my dream"

Zach Burelson a former student of Jara's called the Gladiator Challenge promotion and asked " I hear your looking for a fighter to face Jaime Jara, well I want it, Ill take it". Zach was asked, "what makes you think you can compete with Jara"? Zachs reply, "I am a former student of his and I know his weaknesses, Jaime is one of my idols and I would be honored to fight him. I know I am ready." When Zach was asked where he trained he mentioned he trained in Elk Grove and had a great team of guys that would help him get ready, little did he know not an hour went by before he recieved a message from the gym owner stating never to come back to her gym and that he was not welcomed back. Zach stated that since Jara was a former instructor at this gym the owner got upset and kicked him off the team for taking the fight. In Zach's mind this had only freed him to train with whoever he wanted, and when news got out that he was not welcomed and had no place to train he received calls from almost every fight camp in the sacramento area inviting him to train with their camps.

Zach is living a dream that most can only " Dream about' Zach felt that he was held back to many times and had two fights pulled from under him without him knowing. Zach says " It is time that I move on and live my dream, I want people who think I have no business fighting Jaime, to eat their words after I win. I think win or lose, people are going to know who I am after this fight. So dont blink!"


Now Jaime Jara and his manager Mike Rumsey see this fight a little differently than most, they see this fight as a dangerous fight, Jara coming off bicep surgery only 9 weeks ago is risking re-injuring or possibly re-tearing his newly repaired bicep, Jaras game is his