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  By Zeke Gonzales
 Disturbing the peace at the Fresno Fairgrounds had everything that a mixed martial arts fan want. Big names, big hits and a good time at the fights on Saturday.
 Fresno's own Cole Escovedo highlighted the show. Escovedo, a former World Extreme Cagefighting champion, battled a staph infection and was on the shelf for an extended period of time. Along with Escovedo there was former TAPOUT reality star Matt Major on the card.
 Originally the card was supposed have 10 fights, but for various reason three of them were canceled leaving  fans with seven hard hitting fights.

 Escovedo was in a battle against Orange County's Tyler Weathers. The fight ended with Escovedo winning in a split decision 29-28, 28-29, 30-27. scored it 29-28 for Escovedo.
 Escovedo was at his most dangerous on his back. He nearly got a submission in every round, and it looked as if Weathers tapped out early in the first round, but the fight continued. 

 Weathers took Escovedo down at will, but had to constantly fight off submission attempts. He did connect several times with punches to the face, but never once got Escovedo in trouble with any type of submission or hard hit.

 The Weathers camp thought they won after the final score was announced, and abruptly left the octagon after the announcement of the winner.

 In the main event,

Major took on Marcus Gains. Gains took the fight on short notice, and if fans just looked at the faces of the two fighthers one would have thought Gains won. Major was bleeding from above his right eye, mouth and nose throughout the fight, but was able to pull off the 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 split decision. scored it 30-27 for Major.

 This was purely a stand up boxing match with the two comfortable just to throw punches and kicks throughout. Major's kicks did most of the damage as Gains was clearly favoring one of his legs late in the fight. 

Here are results of other fights: 

Adam Antolin vs. Anthony Perales:

In the most exciting fight of the evening both Antolin and Perales went back and forth before Antolin won by rear-naked choke in 2:37 of the second round. The action was fast and furious from the first bell where Perales got a quick takedown and went into a choke hold, but Antolin reversed the move. Perales got a reverse and picked up Antolin twice and slammed him on his back twice with the second slam stunning Antolin, but he was able to get a reverse and slammed a couple of punches to Pereales' face. That was just the first round. In the second Perales went for another choke hold but missed, giving Antolin the chance to end the fight. Perales was able to fight off one attempt by Antolin on a rear-naked choke, but not the second time he got the hold. Antolin improved to 3-1, while Fresno's Perales is now 1-2.

Ben Holscherz vs. Jack Cummings:

Fresno's Holscherz won after his opponent was unable to continue because of an injury after the end of the first round. Holscherz dominated the only round that was fought.

Sarah Boyd vs. Zoila Frausto:

It was the 'Savage' versus the 'Princess' in the only women's bout on the card. And like every fairytale the Princess had the happy ending.

Frausto, nicknamed the Princess, won a unanimious 29-28 decision on all three scorecards over Boyd, nicknamed the Savage. The Fresno fighter landed the bigger punches and kicks throughout the fight against Boyd.

Dominic Pena vs. Adam Schortz:

Schortz won by a rear-naked choke at 1:46 of the second round. Schortz got a takedown early in the round, and while on his back Pena turned over giving Schortz the back of his neck for the choke hold on him. This was Schortz's professional debut. Pena is now 0-4.

Justin Wilcox v. Moses Baca:

Wilcox, from San Jose, won a unanimious 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 decision. Wilcox dominated the fight against Baca, and cut open the Concord fighter in the final round, blood poured out of his forehead and his mouth. Wilcox is now 6-3, while Baca is 4-3.